When choosing a city for exploration, the possibilities are endless.  Well known cities compete for our attention, like London, Paris and Rome, and rightfully so.  It’s so easy to overlook smaller towns, however, which may be more memorable than well-known cities.  Such is the case is Kotor, a small town in Montenegro, situated off the Adriatic Coast.  This stunning medieval village is a must see and here’s why.
1.       Southern Fjords:  If you make your way by a ship or boat into the port of Kotor, the majestic limestone cliffs of Orjen and Lovcenwill simply take your breath away.  Many tourist sites and books have called this area the most southern fjord in Europe.  It is actually a river canyon but doesn’t really matter what you name.  You are simply captivated by the beauty of this bay.
2.       Medieval Old Town:  Showcasing one of the best preserved medieval towns in Southern Europe, Kotor has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site.  Within this quaint and charming town, you’ll find architecture from the early 1100s through the 16thcenturies.  Cobblestone streets allow you to blissfully meander through the town encountering small squares, churches, shops and cafes along the way. 
3.       Cathedral of Saint Tryphon:  Among the many churches you can visit in Kotor, put the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon on your tour list.  Built in the early 1100’s, this Cathedral resides in an open square with in the town boasting Roman influences inside and out of the structure.
4.       Hike to Church Ruins/Wall Fortification:  If you’re ready for a work-out with extraordinary views as your reward for the strenuous journey, then make your way up a steep hike to almost the top of the hill where you’ll find yourself within a massive wall fortification and church ruins.  The views of the medieval city below and bay just beyond are simply breathtaking.
5.       Island Gospa:  For a more relaxing journey, take a small boat to the Island Gospa, which is situated in the bay providing dramatic views of the limestone cliffs surrounding the area.