Most of us like to take everything but the kitchen sink on a trip.  We can easily fall into the trap of thinking . . . “what if I need my hot roller set for the formal evening I think we may be attending”?  Below are quick tips regarding what to leave behind on your next trip.

  1. Guide Books and Maps

With your smart phone, you have easy access to all this information without lugging around unnecessary books or papers.  Worried about not having Wi-Fi in a certain location?  No problem.  Several apps like “” allow you to download a pdf of the city which you can easily pull up in an area with no Wi-Fi or cell phone service.  You can also take a screenshot of a guidebook page for easy reference on your phone or bring your Kindle with your guidebooks downloaded.

  1. Formal Clothes

Formal dresses and suits can take up space for what may be a one-time 3-4 hour use.  Can you get by with an elegant top but pair that with a black skirt or pants that you can wear for other days?  Ask the hotel or cruise ship if they can loan you a jacket versus packing one.

  1. Unnecessary Shoes

Women love shoes and sometimes these foot protectors need a military-sized ship container of their own.  But are they necessary for a trip?  Of course not!  So do yourself a favor and leave the strappy, rhinestone sandals, the fur lined boots and the pumps in various Crayola Crayon colors at home.  You will not need them!

  1. Snacks

Many travelers like to be prepared including bring their own snacks.  What tends to happen with many of us is that we brought a Circle K or a Seven/Eleven store with us.  We think we may go hungry so we pack nut mixes, protein bars, tuna packs and a 24-count of Frito Lays chips.  Unless you are heading for a trip down the Amazon or trekking through the Himalayas, most places you will be visiting will have kiosks, stores, etc. selling food and snacks.  You will not go hungry!

  1. Hair Product and Styling Appliances

Nicely-styled hair looks great but at what cost on a trip?  Maintaining a cascading fall of perfectly curled hair or an up do with 20 gallons of hair spray applied for those humid, windy places doesn’t make sense.  Keep the curling irons, hot rollers, hair sprays, straighteners and other hair product and appliances at home.  All of these items will not only take up luggage space but they will take up valuable vacation time each day trying to keep up a perfect coif.