For those that tend to overpack, remember less is more on a cruise.  Before you pack what you think are must “essentials”, take a glance at items below that you can really leave behind at home and not think twice about it!
1.                   Blow Dryer:  Most cruise lines include a built in blow dryer in the bathroom.  If there are two or more guests in a cabin, then a small, portable dryer is an option.
2.                   Shampoo & Conditioner:  Unless you’re picky with your hair product brands, leave them behind and make do with what the ships provide.  Your hair will not be angry at you for the one to two weeks that you spent without your special hair products.
3.                   Bath Robe:  Depending on the cruise line, you’ll find two bath robes included per cabin.  If you don’t see this item included in your cabin checklist, email the cruise line or put in a request  on-line to have bath robes provided.
4.                   Portable Iron:  Upon request, you can have an iron/ironing board sent to your room to get those wrinkles out of your clothes!
5.                   Pens/Paper:  Need to write notes, your day to day itinerary . . . then leave these “extras” at home and use what the cruise provides in the cabin.