Well you’ve heard of the freshmen 10 – how many pounds a typical freshman gains during their first year in college.  For a  seven to ten day cruise, expect to gain as much or more unless you take steps to keep that additional pound gain to a minimum!
1.       Use the gym.  Easy and accessible enough, the cruise gym is well-equipped to accommodate many passengers and offers several types of cardio machines such as treadmills and elliptical machines.
2.       Jog & Log the Miles.  Jogging paths can by typically found on the top decks with designated areas for joggers and walkers to use with beautiful sea views as a bonus.
3.       Play Ping Pong.  Perfect family activity while burning off those extra calories.
4.       Participate in a Line Dance Class.  Cruises tend to offer a variety of dance classes.  It’s the perfect opportunity to pick-up a new dance and have fun at the same time.
5.       Join a Fitness Class.  From stretch to yoga classes, you can find a variety of classes to join but expect to pay an additional fee.
6.       Use the Stairs.  Instead of taking the elevators, take the stairs to get to the decks.  Think of the stairs as a Stairmaster and your waist will thank you after the cruise.
7.       Shoot Some Hoops.  Also on the top deck on many cruise ships is a basketball court.  Engage with family members or other cruise guests for some fun on the courts.
8.       Dance the Night Away.  So you’ve had your 5-course meal of 3,500 calories plus.  Well haul your significant other or your friends to the night club and dance to top forty hits, fab eighties or golden oldies. 
9.       Walk the Decks.  In case weather turns bad and fitness center is full of guest, then just walk the decks.  Each deck length is easily a quarter of a mile so making a few round trips each morning eases your guilt when ordering that six cheese omelet with bacon, sausage and hash browns on the side!
10.   Try Aqua Exercises.  You don’t need a big pool to do aqua exercises on the boat.  You can twist and turn, do jumping jacks and more to get your heart rate up while pretty much staying in place.