So you’re going through your cruise checklist and would like to avoid any unnecessary items to bring on your trip.  There’s a difference between bringing things which you’ll use sparingly or not even use at all.  Also, you want to make the best of your small cabin so be prepared and take note below on what to bring for your next cruise!
1.       Power Strip:  Need to recharge your phones and Kindle?  What about powering up your flat iron, curling iron or steamer?  If you there a two plus people in your cabin, bring a power strip to make everyone in your party happy that their phone batteries will see another day of productive use!
2.       Extension Cord:  Along with a power strip, bring an extension cord.  You may want to use your phone, Kindle, tablet or other device while its charging but the outlet is too from the bed or sofa. 
3.       Sandwich or Quart Size Baggies:  These multi-purpose bags are perfect to take snacks with you off the ship during excursions such as cookies, muffins or peanut butter sandwich.  Just make sure you review any customs or port procedures for taking food off the ship.
4.       Cascading Hangers:  Closet space may be at a minimum in a cabin so bring 1-2 cascading hangers that can accommodate 4-5 skirts, shorts or capris. 
5.       Paper Cups:  Cabins typically include 2 glasses for a bathroom and 2 glasses for drinks.  Small 2-3 ounce paper cups are convenient to rinse after brushing your teeth and keep things sanitary.
6.       Anti-bacterial Wipes:  The cruise lines do a great job with keeping things clean but to be extra safe, bring travel size anti-bacterial wipes to sanitize remotes, door handles, etc.
7.       Anti-bacterial Hand Wash:  Along with the wipes, have anti-bacterial hand wash handy.  The noro virus is a major problem with cruise lines and the more you can do to protect you and your family, the better chances you won’t pick up this virus or other contagious germs if its making its way on your cruise.
8.       Small Binoculars:  If you have a balcony, bring a pair of small binoculars.  You may be able to spot dolphins, whales or wildlife on the shores.  You’ll also be able to see towns, landmarks and other interesting things on land not visible with the naked eye.
9.       Bottle of Wine:  Several cruise lines allow you to bring 1 or 2 bottles of wine per cabin guest as long as you drink the wine in your cabin.  With drink prices starting at $10 on up, this is great way to enjoy a glass of wine in the comfort of your cabin.
10.   Travel Converter:  Make you sure you bring one or two travel converters with you as you won’t be able to recharge your phone, tablet and other devices without it.  Also, check to see what type of converter you should bring as some come in a “square” size and the outlet only allows “round size” adapters.