1. Unpack Once – Enough Said.

If you’re traveling to more than one destination, you know what a hassle it is to haul your luggage around in airports, to train or bus stations, etc.  Plus, there’s time unpacking and repacking your clothes, sundry items and other miscellaneous things which can make the “vacation” part seem more like work than having fun.  With a cruise, you unpack once… not twice, three, four times or more.  Just once!

  1. Save Big on Transportation To Destinations.

If you are planning to travel to multiple cities/countries, consider the cost and time to each of these destinations.  Let’s say you wanted to tour southern Europe for 7-10 days.  If you add up the cost of travel for two people including airfare, train or bus tickets, taxis, car rental and/or shuttle service, expenses can easily add up to more than $2,000.  In addition, you have to factor in the time to get to these stations.  Time spent waiting at the airport, stuck in traffic during rush hour or figuring out why your GPS took you to Florencia instead of Firenze!  With a cruise, the cost of traveling to each destination is included in your fare.  Plus, all you have to do is snuggle into your cozy bed at night and the next morning, voila, you are at your next destination!

  1. Food, Food & More Food.

When it comes to choice, value and convenience regarding dining, a cruise is hands down the clear winner.  Think about how much you spending on dining out while on vacation and not just your main meals.  You often tend to snack between meals, maybe grab a ice cream cone or a bakery dessert to tide you over.  As for dinner, what does a 5 course meal, which may include steak or lobster typically cost?  $200 plus? Also, what happens when people in your travelling party have different dining preferences or diet restrictions?  The sushi restaurant may not work for your darling daughter who has allergies to seafood.  With a cruise, almost every type of dining and food choices are available, and included with your fare.

  1. Be Prepared to Be Entertained.

For many of you, travelling is not just exploring new cultures, working on your tan or relaxing poolside with a good book.  It’s also about having fun on your trip.  A cruise makes it easy with many entertainment choices on board.  Typically, you’ll find Broadway style shows, comedians, tribute bands and other performing artists putting on two shows in the main theater.  Other entertainment options may include Karaoke, interactive game shows, pool dance parties, numerous contests, bingo, etc.   After a day of sightseeing or a day at sea, it’s nice to have so many entertainment options to enjoy with your travelling party and create new friends on board!


  1. Destress – Get Pampered.

How many times have you said . . . “I need a vacation from my vacation”?  For many of us, we try to cram as much sightseeing as possible resulting in trip fatigue! With a cruise, you have many options to destress to make your trip truly enjoyable.  Most cruises have a variety of spa services ranging from soothing facials to hot stone massages.  Other options requiring no additional expenditures including a long soak in a hot tub or making yourself comfortable in a cozy chair with a novel in the cruise library or observation room watching the sea roll by.

  1. Hate Preplanning?  Ships Do Their Homework with Excursions.

Imagine you’ve booked a trip to multi-city or country destinations and you’re now faced with the daunting task of what to do in each city.  With a cruise, their extensive travel staff have waded through research, guide books, etc. to come up with the best excursions for each city.  They hire the bus drivers and knowledgeable guides, purchase museum admissions(if applicable) and work with local governments to ensure you have a convenient, safe and of course memorable journey in each city.  Excursions range from a few hours to all day and also vary by activity level.