Air travel for the most of us is a foreboding experience.  Nowadays, you have to worry about proper ID, luggage meeting the airline’s size test and making sure you are not bringing anything on board that can get you delayed such as 8 ounces of baby formula. So how do you make the best of the plane ride once you’re on? Below are 5 tips for sky survival!
1.      Travel Pillow:  With seat space at a minimum, bring one of those u-shaped travel pillows to allow your neck and head to rest comfortably against your seat and not bother your seat mates.
2.      Snacks(no hot food):  What can be so annoying is when a passenger brings on board an order of tasty chipotle, chili fries and sits next to you while eating this food.  Initially, the aroma will make you contemplate theft as you attempt to distract your seat mate and grab a fry or two.  Then, the aroma becomes an insufferable odor you have to contend with until the flight attendant collects the trash.  So do everyone a favor, keep your snacks to the salty type, cold items or good old candy.
3.      Slippers or Fuzzy Socks:  If you’re neck and head are resting comfortably on the neck pillow, then your feet should be comfortable as well.  Bring a pair of slippers or fuzzy socks to slip on and take off your sneakers, boots or other shoes that can cramp your toes on a long flight.
4.      Kindle or e-reader:  Load up on your favorite novels and enjoy the convenience of a Kindle or e-reader.  The device is especially handy when night flights dim the overhead lights and your Kindle or ereader has built-in illumination.
5.      Deck of Cards:  It’s amazing how the time can fly by when you play cards with a family member or friend on a trip. 
6.      Paperback Book:  So you’re old school and like the tactile feel of a book.  Bring it on and enjoy a good read.  Just bring a book light so you don’t disturb fellow passengers with the overhead light on during an evening flight.
7.      Ipad or Tablet:  Download a movie or play your favorite games on your Ipad or tablet.  Bring a pair of headphones and you’re good to go.
8.      Bulky Sweater:  Bring a comfy sweater which can serve as a blanket or as extra cushion for your travel pillow.
9.      Headphones:  Not only are headphones handy for your Ipad or smartphone.  They also serve as a deterrent for a “chatty Cathy” neighbor.
10.    Travel Size Oral Hygiene:  Bring a travel size toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss to use after a meal or snack on the plane.  Your dentist and seat mates around you will thank you. Plus, you should be able to nap better with a clean mouth!