Make the best of your trip by taking great photos that capture those special moments of your fantastic vacation.  To ensure the best images are snapped, below are a few tips to keep in mind when clicking away.
1.       Focus on People:   At the end of the day, having memories of you and your family on the trip is what counts.  Take pictures of the group in front of landmarks, the locals that you meet along the way and attractions.
2.       Snap Signs:  You just came back from Paris and you’ve forgotten which museum or castle you visited, the 15th century hotel you snapped and other places.  Take a picture of any signage that can help identify what the place or structure is.
3.       Less is More:  Don’t try to take an image with too much going on.  Focus on one particular subject without too much clutter in the background.
4.       Good Lighting:  Enough cannot be said about lighting.  Early morning and late afternoon are the best for just about any image you take.  Avoid midday as the light is the harshest.
5.       Bring a Selfie Stick or Tripod:  To accommodate all travelling members in your group, bring a selfie stick or tripod to mount your camera.  Normally, one person in a group is the designated picture taker and typically gets left out of group shots.  These accessories will help avoid this predicament.
6.       Zoom Lens:  If you are taking a trip of a lifetime, consider bringing a DSLR camera with interchangeable lenses.  Imagine you are on an Alaskan cruise and you spot a grizzly bear with your binoculars.  A smartphone has limited capabilities but a DSLR with a telephoto lens will help capture these moments for you.
7.       Backup Your Images:  Every few days, download your images off your smartphone or camera to a flash drive.  If your smartphone or camera is damaged, lost or stolen, at least you will have saved priceless memories from your trip.
8.       Take More Than One Shot:  Before digital media, it was costly to buy film and process each roll.  With digital media, click a few extra photos to ensure eyes aren’t closed, heads cropped off, etc.  You typically have extensive storage capabilities on your phone or camera card.
9.       Composition:  When you are taking an image, try to follow good composition rules such avoid subjects being centered, have an interesting element in the foreground, etc. 
10.    Be Safe:  When it comes to Instagram, you may want to push yourself to get that edgy shot, literally.  People have died over the past few years as they slipped or fell from a cliff, scenic spot or building ledge trying to catch that next cool shot.  So get the great shot but play it safe!