Bringing your parents or grandparents can add great dimension and perspective on a vacation.  Sharing those special moments with many generations is very precious as time is fleeting and we never know when if everyone is available to come together for another trip.  Keep in mind, however, that an aging parent may not have the stamina to keep up with you and your kids on a jam-packed itinerary.  Below are a few ways for everyone to enjoy a trip and keep the peace!
1.       Take A Cruise:   The best part of a cruise is that family members can pick and choose their level of activities while reconvening at meal time for get-togethers.  Younger members can go zip-lining for their excursion while older family members opt for something less strenuous.
2.       Join a Bus Tour:  Many places offer various bus tours with moderate activity included.   Choose a bus and  tour group that meets your family’s particular needs.
3.       Café Stops:  If your older companions are less inclined to trek 2 miles for a hilltop city view, then find a café where they can enjoy a coffee or snack while waiting for you to complete the excursion.
4.       Nap Time:  Taking a nap is key to reenergizing, especially for young kids and seniors.  If possible, venture off to your next trip highlight while your aging parents take a much needed nap during the afternoon.
5.       Beach Getaway:  One of the best getaways for multi-generational families is a beach getaway.   The more active family members can engage in water sports and other activities while a grandparent watches on from the comfort of beach chair.