You’ve planned your destination and for most people, hopping on an airplane is no big deal.  For others, the mere thought of boarding a plane can bring on anxiety, panic attacks and other stressful issues.  Below are a few tips and tricks to help deal with fear of flying and make your flight more comfortable and enjoyable.
1.       Listen To Music:   Load your favorite music tracks on your smart phone, tablet or other device and bring a good pair of headphones.  Becoming enveloped in your music may minimize your trepidation when encountering turbulence on the flight.
2.       Watch a Movie:  Download a movie or two on your tablet to keep your mind off the actual flight.  Stay away from any disaster type movie but choose a good action or thriller.  The key is to become engrossed in this activity and not thinking about the flight itself.
3.       Engage With Your Seatmates:  Whether you’re travelling alone or with companions, strike up a conversation.  It’s helpful to see that other fellow passengers are not nervous and hopefully are willing to engage with you.
4.       Take A Nap:  Try taking a nap or sleep on your flight.  If needed, take a sleep aid such as Melatonin or possibly a prescribed drug by your doctor to help alleviate anxiety.
5.       Work on a Project:  Think of a project you can work on your laptop or tablet, either personal or business.  It could be a PowerPoint presentation, editing your photos or writing a letter.