So you’ve got a few hours to kill before your connecting flight.  Before you settle in with your smartphone at the gate, check-out these things to do to enhance your experience during the layover.
1.       Dine at a Restaurant:  With most airlines doing away with in-flight meal service, enjoy a leisurely meal at the airport.  Typically, each airport will feature local flavors along with well-known chain restaurants, giving you the opportunity to get a taste of what that city has to offer.
2.       Retail Therapy:  Most airports feature a great selection of shops showcasing clothing, books, souvenirs and jewelry.  If you need to pick-up a gift and didn’t have time during your trip, rest assured you’ll find something of interest in the airport.
3.       Buy a Book:  Forget your social media accounts and pick-up the latest best-seller from the airport’s mini-mart.  One of life’s lost pleasures is reading a book and becoming engrossed in the plot line and characters.
4.       People Watch:  Find a seat facing the airport walkway and just people watch.  Use your imagination and wonder where everyone is travelling to, which passengers are the happiest and the joy watching kids when planes take off.
5.       Have a Drink:  Enjoy a glass of wine or the margarita flavor of the day with your travelling party.  For nervous flyers, one adult beverage may help take the edge off while waiting for your connecting flight.
6.       Fitness Walk:  There’s no reason not to maintain your fitness regime while at the airport.  Try to walk a mile or two around the airport for a mild work-out.  Not only will you be getting exercise to improve circulation from your previous flight, but you may also discover a shop or restaurant not readily apparent by your gate.
7.       City Excursion:  If your layover is more than 5 hours, then you may have time for a quick trip into the city.  Some airports have trains, buses or shuttles to the city center realizing that passengers may want to get out for a few hours.
8.       Airline Club or Concierge Lounge:  Depending on your airline status, you may be able to enjoy the benefits of that airlines’ club or concierge lounge.  Most airlines also allow you to purchase a pass for the club/lounge if you don’t have the proper status.
9.       Kids Center:  A few airports are kid friendly and actually have dedicated kids area for them to play and have fun before the next leg of the trip.
10.   Massage:  Yes – chair massages are offered in some airports allowing you to destress before the next flight!