Once you’ve selected your cruise line and destination, the next part is which cabin to select on the ship.  Of course, price plays a huge role but other factors can actually add more value if you know what to look out for.  Ultimately, you want to book the best cabin for the best price for the most enjoyable experience.
1.      Deck Location:  Many travelers have had a disappointing experience because they didn’t realize the deck above were the pools and the cruise staff cleaned and moved lounge chairs around at 5am in the morning!  Make sure the deck you select isn’t above or below “noise” potential issues such as a nightclub, theater and pools.
2.      Balcony Obstruction:  If you select a cabin with a balcony, determine if there is any potential obstruction which could impact your views.  If the deck you select is in the lower part of the ship, you may have lifeboats causing some obstruction.
3.      Elevator Locations:  Expect a lot of foot traffic past your cabin if you select a location near the elevators.  During the day, this may not be an issue as you are probably not in your cabin.  But what about at night and you hear a parade of people making their way to their cabins at 1am in the morning. 
4.      Cabin Price:  If you have more than two in your party, you may get more value upgrading to a larger cabin.  Many cruise lines offer specials such as 3rd & 4th guests in cabin are greatly discounted or even free.  So why not upgrade to a bigger cabin to make the trip more comfortable when you are reaping the benefits of super great rates for your kids or other travelling members.
5.      Motion:  If you are prone to sea sickness, then do not select a cabin location in the front or back of the boat.  Best location is mid-ship, which minimizes motion that you may feel while on board.  Also, the lower decks are better as opposed to being on the upper decks.