Travelling is stressful enough.  Throw in a kid or two under the age of twelve and the stress factor can increase by warp 10!  Below are few obvious and not so obvious tips to keep kids busy and entertained during a flight or road trip.
1.       Game Apps:  If there is ever time that game apps come in handy is when you are travelling.  Just make sure they have their favorites loaded on whatever device they are using and the device is fully charged.  In a vehicle, bring adapters to be able to charge several devices at one time if needed.
2.       Movies:   Surprise your kids by downloading a recent movie that just came out on DVD that they wanted to see but haven’t seen yet.  Just think, your kids will be quietly entertained for more than an hour while watching Dory or Life With Pets.
3.       Cards:  How about bringing along deck of cards and having your kids play a card game or two?  With kids now using video games or digital media for the majority of their entertainment, some old school fun like a game of War or Crazy Eights may be in order.
4.       Board Games:  Several popular board games come in travel size such as Monopoly, Scrabble and Sorry.  They are easy to pack and offer you one more alternative to keep your kids entertained.
5.       Coloring Books:  Coloring books have evolved and gained traction even with adults.  Bring along fun new coloring books with a new box of Crayons to help entertain the younger kiddies.
6.       Surprise Bag:  Check-out the dollar store or Target for low-cost items to put in a cute gift bag.  Items can include puzzles, toys and small books.
7.       Portable Activities:  Check out to see if your kids favorite activities come in portable sizes.  For example, you can use a lunchbox or multi-use tool case to store Legos, building blocks, Barbie with new fashion accessories, etc. to keep your kids occupied.
8.       I Spy:  Kids love to be entertained but more so when they can engage with parents.  Play a game of I Spy during a road trip or other games such as License Plates – see who can spot the most license plates from different states.
9.       Books:  Before your embark on your trip, head on to your local book store and have your child or kids pick out a special book that they will be able to read on the trip.  Or upload to your Kindle.
10.   Travel Tray:  Bring some type of travel tray or lap desk that kids can rest their toys, books or other items.