Kudos to the travel bloggers below who have earned bragging rights to creating informative and entertaining blogging sites on travel!
Travellingbuzz.com was chosen as very favorable blog due to its emphasis on affordable travel in Europe.  The blogger, MariaStoyanova, was born in Bulgaria and offers a unique perspective when it comes to travel southern Europe.  Her expertise are attractions and sights in Bulgaria but also highlights her experiences in beautiful areas such as the Balkan countries, Portugal, Greece and Italy.   She keeps in mind that travel can be expensive and offers useful tips on how to save on each of her recommended destinations.
Having a bucket list is almost a requirement these days for life goals.  A great source to turn to when it comes to travel is the bucketlistjourney.net blog.  Annette offers a variety of experiences to consider for your bucket list such as kayaking with Beluga whales in Manitoba, Canada or an off-roading adventure through the Jayagiri Rainforest in Bandung, Indonesia.  These journeys are definitely more extreme than let’s say snorkeling 20 feet from the beach but they get your mind thinking of the possibilities.
Nomadic Matt’s travel blog, nomadicmatt.com, is the number one rated site on numerous top travel blogs and I can easily see why.  First, the Matt’s travel blog web site is designed extremely well.  The user interface is very inviting yet functional.  He displays key travel tips prominently with bold text graphics and motivational copy.  Who doesn’t want to travel cheaper, longer and better?  He also offers a free weekly newsletter for travel buffs who want to get the latest tips on trips from Matt.
Marie-Eve’s travel blog, toeuropeandbeyond.com, was selected since I have a particular interest in European travel myself. She was able to turn her passion for travelling into a viable business with her blog.  As this is a goal for me down the road, I will be studying her blog to determine why it’s been rated so highly by other bloggers.  Some of the useful aspects of her blog include handy tips of how to eat cheaply, unusual things to do in a city and flying advice.
Finally, she blends beautiful photography with her articles to add visual interest.
Matthew takes a more personal and straightforward approach with his blog, expertvagabond.com.  This blog focuses on in-depth personal viewpoints of exotic locations such as Afghanistan and islands in the Arctic or more dangerous experiences such as flying over Manhattan with his legs dangling out of a helicopter.  His blog works because his adventures and risk-taking are at a much higher level than a typical traveler heading to Miami for the weekend.  Plus, within each blog, he lists detailed information about each location such as area highlights, driving, hiking & biking tips and accommodations.