Cruise Ship Spotlight: The Regal Princess

The newest ship from Princess Cruise lines, the Regal Princess is a stunning vessel with a lavish yet contemporary décor throughout the ship.  What makes this ship unique and distinctive from other ships?  Find out below! 1. SeaWalk:  A glass walkway protrudes from the ship offering passengers to view the sea below their feet and [...]

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How To Save Up to 50% on Cruise Excursions

So you’ve patted yourself on the back for booking a great deal for a fabulous cruise trip to the Caribbean.  Airfare has been paid and you feel that the majority of your travel costs are done.  After all, the cruise provides all the food, entertainment and travel to the different destinations.  Well think again as [...]

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How To Select the Best Cruise Line For Your Needs

Once you’ve made the decision to take a cruise for your next vacation, you’ll be excited to see a number of options offered from different cruise lines.  Selecting the best cruise line can be daunting.  Below are a few things to consider when selecting your cruise line.   1.       Price:  Cruise fees vary significantly so [...]

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How to Choose the Perfect Cruise Cabin

Once you’ve selected your cruise line and destination, the next part is which cabin to select on the ship.  Of course, price plays a huge role but other factors can actually add more value if you know what to look out for.  Ultimately, you want to book the best cabin for the best price for [...]

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Top 5 Things Not To Bring For Your Cruise Cabin

For those that tend to overpack, remember less is more on a cruise.  Before you pack what you think are must “essentials”, take a glance at items below that you can really leave behind at home and not think twice about it!   1.                   Blow Dryer:  Most cruise lines include a built in blow dryer [...]

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Top 10 Ways to Stay Fit on a Cruise

Well you’ve heard of the freshmen 10 – how many pounds a typical freshman gains during their first year in college.  For a  seven to ten day cruise, expect to gain as much or more unless you take steps to keep that additional pound gain to a minimum! 1.       Use the gym.  Easy and accessible [...]

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Top 10 Things To Bring For Your Cruise Cabin

So you're going through your cruise checklist and would like to avoid any unnecessary items to bring on your trip.  There's a difference between bringing things which you'll use sparingly or not even use at all.  Also, you want to make the best of your small cabin so be prepared and take note below on what [...]

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