Top 10 Travel Tips with a Furry Friend!

You’ve decided to travel by car and bring along your best friend . . . your faithful dog companion.  Before you embark on your road trip, below are a few tips for safe and enjoyable travels.   1.       Prepare Your Dog:  If your dog isn’t used to travelling by car for extended periods of time [...]

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Survival Tips for Holiday Travel

Travelling during the holidays is stressful. That is a fact.  There are ways, however, to minimize the stress and enjoy what makes the special holiday truly wonderful . . . spending time with family and friends!  Below are a few tips to get you started on your way to a joyous trip.   1.       Book [...]

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Got Kids on Trips? Keep Them Busy!

Travelling is stressful enough.  Throw in a kid or two under the age of twelve and the stress factor can increase by warp 10!  Below are few obvious and not so obvious tips to keep kids busy and entertained during a flight or road trip.   1.       Game Apps:  If there is ever time that [...]

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Tips on Travelling with an Aging Parent

Bringing your parents or grandparents can add great dimension and perspective on a vacation.  Sharing those special moments with many generations is very precious as time is fleeting and we never know when if everyone is available to come together for another trip.  Keep in mind, however, that an aging parent may not have the [...]

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Tips on Your Photo Snaps. How To Make Your Pictures More Memorable!

Make the best of your trip by taking great photos that capture those special moments of your fantastic vacation.  To ensure the best images are snapped, below are a few tips to keep in mind when clicking away.   1.       Focus on People:   At the end of the day, having memories of you and your [...]

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