Look Before You Book Your Hotel On-Line – 10 Things To Watch Out For!

1.       Cancellation Rates:  Many hotel sites lure you in with low hotel rates until you review that the rate is non-refundable.  They will probably list their refundable rates which may be what you could have booked directly with the hotel directly. 2.       Rate Variation:  It pays to shop several web sites for hotel rates as [...]

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Top 5 Things Not To Bring For Your Cruise Cabin

For those that tend to overpack, remember less is more on a cruise.  Before you pack what you think are must “essentials”, take a glance at items below that you can really leave behind at home and not think twice about it!   1.                   Blow Dryer:  Most cruise lines include a built in blow dryer [...]

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Top 10 Ways to Stay Fit on a Cruise

Well you’ve heard of the freshmen 10 – how many pounds a typical freshman gains during their first year in college.  For a  seven to ten day cruise, expect to gain as much or more unless you take steps to keep that additional pound gain to a minimum! 1.       Use the gym.  Easy and accessible [...]

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Favorite Travel Blogging Sites

Kudos to the travel bloggers below who have earned bragging rights to creating informative and entertaining blogging sites on travel! Travellingbuzz.com Travellingbuzz.com was chosen as very favorable blog due to its emphasis on affordable travel in Europe.  The blogger, MariaStoyanova, was born in Bulgaria and offers a unique perspective when it comes to travel southern [...]

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Top 10 Things To Bring For Your Cruise Cabin

So you're going through your cruise checklist and would like to avoid any unnecessary items to bring on your trip.  There's a difference between bringing things which you'll use sparingly or not even use at all.  Also, you want to make the best of your small cabin so be prepared and take note below on what [...]

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Where in the World is Kotor and Why Should I Care?

When choosing a city for exploration, the possibilities are endless.  Well known cities compete for our attention, like London, Paris and Rome, and rightfully so.  It’s so easy to overlook smaller towns, however, which may be more memorable than well-known cities.  Such is the case is Kotor, a small town in Montenegro, situated off the [...]

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How to Survive the Plane Ride Lasting 5 Hours or More!

Air travel for the most of us is a foreboding experience.  Nowadays, you have to worry about proper ID, luggage meeting the airline’s size test and making sure you are not bringing anything on board that can get you delayed such as 8 ounces of baby formula. So how do you make the best of [...]

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Destination Spotlight – Venice

One of the most romantic, beautiful cities in the world is Venice.  From the picturesque canals and Venetian squares to the meandering streets filled with shops, cafes and restaurants, this old-world city is a must-see and should make everyone’s bucket list for top vacation destinations. Venice Video Highlights St. Mark’s Square: This popular tourist spot [...]

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Destination Spotlight – Barcelona

Barcelona combines old-world charm with an urban vibe to create a fun yet historical place to visit.  Located in Spain and the capital of Catalonia, this seaside city is well known for its impressive medieval and Art Noveau architecture, shopping, beaches and beautiful town squares.  Barcelona is also known as a key port for many cruise destinations.  Major cruise lines depart right from the city port heading to popular areas including Rome, Sicily, Naples, Genova, Venice, Athens, Kotor, Dubrovnik, Corfu, Cannes and Nice.   […]

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Destination Spotlight – East Coast States – Fall Colors

There’s nothing like fall where you experience the change of the seasons with the color explosion that autumn brings.  The east coast states are well known as the area for the best fall colors and a road trip is in order to capture the spirit of it all.  Below are the top 10 spots for your [...]

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