Let’s face it.  There is no shortage of things to do in New York City.  From Broadway plays to shopping on Fifth Avenue, the tough part is what to see and do on your vacation to the big apple.  The list below skips attractions such as the 9/11 Memorial, Metropolitan Museum of Art and other noteworthy attractions.  What’s noted below are things to do where you really have a fun and memorable experience.
1.       Live Taping of TV Show:  Several nationally syndicated shows are taped in New York such as Saturday Night Live, The Jimmy Fallon Show and Live With Kelly.  Need to get tickets months in advance and even then, there is no guarantee you will get in.  But if you follow tips from past guests, you’ll be assured of being part of the live studio audience and experiencing all the inner workings of getting a live show on air.
2.       Feed a  Squirrel:  Animals are always a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of city life and feeding a squirrel is one of those spur of the moment, fun experiences.  Purchase a bag of peanuts or chestnuts from the plentiful street vendors and find yourself a bench at a park.  Pure delight comes from watching a squirrel picking up a nut and relishing this most unexpected treat from a passerby.
3.       Rent a Boat in Central Park:  It’s hard to believe amongst the massive skyscrapers lies a beautiful, large lake right in the heart of the city.  To fully enjoy this amenity, rent a boat and row yourself around the lake to marvel at the scenic settings throughout your journey.  Plus, you’ll enjoy a nice work-out too!
4.       Window Shopping:  Lavish, upscale stores are in abundance in Manhattan but out-of-reach financially for most visitors when it comes to purchasing items.  You can still enjoy the creativity when it comes to the beautifully designed window displays of these stores.  If you come between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, you’ll enjoy special holiday themes making it even more magical.
5.       Ride a Double Decker Bus:  A great way to get the lay of the land is through a bus tour.  If you’re visiting during mild weather, then opt for a tour ride in an open-air, double decker bus.  Not only will you experience key sights from a higher perspective, you’ll also have the smells and sounds which make the city so unique.
6.       Chinatown Souvenir Shopping:  Need NYC shirts, caps or fashionable sunglasses?  Head over to Chinatown, specifically Canal Street, where you will find a plethora of outdoor vendors selling everything New York, souvenirs, trinkets, etc.
7.       Times Square:  This area keeps getting crazier and yes more fun with its street performers, glitzed up stores, live tapings and more.
8.       Walk the Brooklyn Bridge:  One of the most recognized and venerable landmarks in America is the Brooklyn Bridge. Connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn, a lengthy promenade is dedicated to pedestrians, bicyclists and skaters.  Great way to stay fit while taking in views from either direction of the bridge.
9.       Coney Island:  Okay . . .  this is outside of Manhattan but still part of “New York City”.  This well-known seaside resort has been attracting visitors for more than a century with its amusement park retaining its old-fashion charm from a bygone era.  Don’t miss the opportunity to ride the Cyclone roller coaster.
10.   Washington Square Park:  Best place to people watch hands down is Washington Square Park in lower Manhattan.  A huge fountain in the center adds a perfect backdrop as children, college students and even celebrities hang-out at this spot.